Brian and Charles 2022

In a little town in Wales, Brian lives without help from anyone else, taking a break at “Ploxgreen Cottage” by dealing with his creations, and continuously dabbling with materials around his property or in the trash. Driving back home one evening, Brian finds a life-sized model head in a heap of garbage, rousing him to take a risk and check whether he can make a robot buddy. Joining parts, including a clothes washer body, Charles is conceived, and the creation is quickly inquisitive about his general surroundings. Expecting a buddy, Brian is offered a kid in Charles, who needs consideration and care, yet in addition fantasies about visiting Honolulu. Wanting to stay quiet about Charles, Brian can’t keep the robot far away for a really long time, seeing as Hazel is inquisitive about the machine while drawing near to Brian, and neighborhood menace Eddie desires to guarantee Charles for his own entertainment. Watch Myflixer 2022 collection now in full HD at home.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7