Look Both Ways 2022

Natalie, the protagonist, has created a five-year plan to become a successful animator. But that future is seriously jeopardized by a one-night encounter with one of her closest friends, Gabe. Natalie’s life splits into two realities as she waits for her pregnancy test on the night of her graduation. In one version of events, she stays childless and relocates to Los Angeles with her other best friend, Cara. And in the alternate universe, she does become pregnant and takes Gabe to live with her parents, Rick and Tina. Kahiu performs a good job of concurrently unraveling the two worlds with the aid of the cameraman Alan Caudillo, editor Brad Leach, production designer Keith Brian Burns, art director Christy Gray, and costume designer Colin Wilkes. Still, let’s examine each one separately and discuss it in case you had trouble figuring it out. Enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters online at home now on Myflixer Safe.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4