Boy Kills World 2024

Boy Kills World and director Moritz Mohr have to sell the action, and the fight choreography is excellent. When it comes time to deliver a punch, Skarsgard knows how to manage himself and has a powerful physicality. Ruhian is undoubtedly among the greatest at what she does in films right now. As Basho, Boy’s smarmy sidekick and motormouthed resistance member, Andrew Koji joins in on the fun. Bennie, portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa, is an additional resistance warrior whose lips Boy is unable to read. He impersonates Michael Jai White in a way that works and causes some amusing miscommunication. Additionally, a great job is being done by the stunt team and a ton of anonymous thugs. All of that adds up to some stunning defeats. I personally recommeded Flixtor movies website for watching latest titles online.

Genre: 2024ActionCrimeThriller


Duration: 111 Min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8