Are You There God It’s Me Margaret 2023

Margaret is an 11-year-old New York City adolescent seeking to make sense of the 1970s. Margaret was raised by Barbara and Herb, and she enjoys seeing her grandmother Sylvia. Herb accepts a new job, and the family relocates to New Jersey, where Margaret begins school. Gretchen and Janie are also members of Nancy’s secret group, and they become fast friends. While Margaret waits for womanhood to arrive, the girls talk about the next phase of female growth that lies ahead of them. Margaret, however, finds herself in a challenging situation. As she navigates adolescence, which includes the boys in her life, Margaret looks to God for direction. Margaret also struggles with religion, she was brought up by a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. She has to control the erratic emotional ups and downs of the school year. Come to Myflix if you are looking for new movies and TV shows.

Genre: 2023ComedyDrama

Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.0