The Boogeyman 2023

When Sadie returns to school and interacts with her friends after losing her mother in a car accident, she finds it difficult to deal with the outside world. Despite being hindered by unresolved trauma, her father, therapist Will, does everything he can to keep the family together. Sawyer is her younger sister. One afternoon, Lester walks into Will’s office asking for assistance with his frazzled psyche after losing his children to something that lurks in the shadows. Lester commits suicide in the house during the session after Sadie witnesses the murder, leaving Will to deal with the trauma. In an effort to feel more normal, Sadie recognises an evil presence in her home, and Sawyer immediately joins her in this awareness after seeing the thing move. When Sadie’s suspicions are not confirmed, she goes detective and finds Rita, Lester’s widow, who has a history with the monster and confirms the teen’s greatest fears. Get online access to full HD movies now only on Flixer website.

Genre: 2023HorrorMysteryThriller


Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2