Wifelike 2022

William works for WifeLike, a business that creates and sells spouses for lonely men seeking companionship but reluctant to cope with interpersonal dynamics. William is a member of a recovery team that is assisting WifeLike in recovering rogue creations while they are engaged in combat with The Scare, a terrorist group that kidnaps androids and programs them to inflict severe damage to the system. William is offered control of Meredith, a product created to resemble his late wife in appearance and voice, as payment for his services. Meredith retreats into a dream state while recharging, which reveals the presence of Keene, an enigmatic man who William is determined to bring to justice. William is investigating rogue androids while enjoying a new dynamic with his mechanical partner. As Meredith becomes increasingly conscious of her situation, she searches for information on the woman she is supposed to resemble and gains knowledge about William. Check out the latest Hollywood updates online on Myflixer.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0