A Violent Man 2022

The film story follows Steve Mackelson who is a risky detainee. He was held in a high-security jail for a twofold murder case. He’s battling against the framework and its inner disturbance as well. One day he finds a new fellow prisoner. The new detainee was an individual from a youth dark pack named Marcus Wainwright. As Marcus’ situation in his pack causes him problems. Yet, Steve approached to encourage him and safeguard him from the different gangs inside the jail. Steve is an accomplished detainee who is regarded by other prisoners. Since the time he has carried out a crime nobody comes to meet him. However, one fine day he received a message that his little girl needs to meet him. Get access to online movies and TV shows with myflixer buffer.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.6