The 355 2022

In Columbia, DNI specialist Luis has beaten down an offer of a unique drive containing code for a framework fit for overcoming any network protection guard, presenting the world to catastrophe. Hoping to sell the thing, Luis is drawn nearer by DNI analyst Graciela who attempts to get what’s happening. Shipped off to stop any exchange of the drive, CIA specialist Mace goes to Paris with Nick discovering that BND specialist Marie is tasked with gathering the prize. At the point when these endeavors fall flat and dis-loyalties are uncovered, the ladies joined by MI6 specialist Khadijah choose for a group to gain the drive without anyone else. Eventually Lin is encountered, a Chinese MSS specialist who’s out in front of the team as they set off to turn away doomsday. Watch Free Blockbusters with zero ads on myflixer in Full HD video quality.

Duration: 2h 4min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.9