Night of the Sicario 2021

Night of the Sicario 2021 is a new Action-Thriller movie that has great action sequences. While transporting the family of the witness to the court, the DEA agents went through a bloody shootout. After the incident, they have to take shelter somewhere before the drug cartel took down the whole;e family. Natasha Henstridge who is playing the character of Taylor is being forced to hide a witness and a daughter of a Columbian woman. She is the main witness and will be presented in Federal Court to testify against a drug cartel. They are facing danger at every step before they can reach the court. The movie is directed by Joth Riggs. Stream free movies on myflixer movie to website without commercials.

Genre: 2021ActionDramaThriller


Duration: 82 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1