They/Them 2022

Whistler Camp is open for the new season, welcoming a new group of campers who have been made to go there in order to cope with themselves. Running the show is Owen, who assures the campers of a “safe space.” He collaborates with his wife, Dr. Cora, Nurse Molly, and other staff members to maintain an open relationship with the guests and tries to be kind to young people who have been forced to participate in an experience that none of them want. Owen plans a series of events, team-building games, and therapy experiences to assist the youngsters to open up about their wants in an effort to explore a “gender normative lifestyle.” He is keen to guide them on the “proper” route for a better future. Get connected with new Hollywood updates now only on Myflixer To.

Duration: 104 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.4