The Woman King 2022

King Ghezo, who reigns over the kingdom of Dahomey in Africa 200 years ago, is aided by a group of female soldiers known as the Agojie. Using weapons and transportation given by slavers aiming to use the locals to grab control, these ladies defend the country with incredible strength against opponents from a nearby tribe, the Oyo. General Nanisca is motivated to protect her people with a well-trained pack of hunters, including Amenza and Izogie, because she is aware of what is happening to the continent. Nawi, a young girl who joins the team and channels her restless energy into the Agojie, proves her bravery as the unit is put to the test in battle. Despite a strong push from the Oyo as they advance to vanquish their foe, Nanisca aspires to lead her people in a new direction since she is uncomfortable with Ghezo’s involvement in the slave trade. Watch the best TV shows and movies online on Myflixer.

Duration: 135 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3