The Watchers 2024

Mina, a young American woman in her twenties residing in Galway, is adrift. By day, she toils away at a pet store. While by night, she immerses herself in the world of cosplay at local bars. Stranded in a dense, directionless forest after her car breaks down, Mina is left with no choice but to seek assistance. As the sun sets and the forest falls silent, She finds herself alone. The once peaceful forest now appears menacing, shrouded in darkness and echoing with ominous sounds. It is as if something is in pursuit. Panicked and unable to locate her car, Mina begins to flee, eventually stumbling upon a small bunker where she encounters Madeleine at the entrance, who offers her refuge. The entire movie is available in excellent quality on Myflixer.

Genre: 2024FantasyHorrorMoviesMystery


Duration: 1h 42m

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.8