The Story of My Wife 2021

The movie has an extraordinary meet-cute. Storr is sitting in a cafe in Paris with the cynical Herr Blume. Blume proposes to Storr that marriage would be a decent choice for the happiness of the freighter skipper. Storr playfully says he’ll wed the following young lady entering the cafe. Luckily for him, that lady is Lizzy. She is stylish and appears to be delighted, and somewhat muddled, when the bearded Storr comes over and tells her that he needs to wed her. Playfully, she acknowledges the proposal. Seydoux, who appear to be cold and far off in roles, is warm, inviting and playful as Lizzy. It’s charming, however the joy collapses when Storr is forced to go out to sea. Watch Free Movies On myflixer buffer without any charges.

Genre: 2021DramaRomance

Duration: 2h 49min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3