The Munsters 2022

The Munsters is an origin narrative that takes place in Transilvania before The Munsters started dating. Lily’s grandfather is trying to find her a marriage and has arranged for her to see Count Orlock. The date is unsuccessful, though, because Lily is uninterested in the Count’s passion for his pet rats, the black plague, and other pursuits. While everything is going on, Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang and his assistant Floop are stealing corpses to make the ideal person, but because Floop used the wrong brain, Dr. Wolfgang’s invention ends up becoming Herman Munster, a witty Frankenstein. Herman’s TV debut is how Lily first sees him, and she later falls in love with him and follows him to a local nightclub where he is playing in a rock and roll band. Get free access to new Hollywood movie releases now with Myflix.

Duration: 109 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0