The Mother 2023

Twelve years ago, Mother was on the run from the gun trade when she met Adrian and Hector. While she was hiding away with F.B.I. Agent Cruise at a safe house in Indiana, the former located her. A wounded Cruise was left behind when Adrian attacked the mother in the stomach, causing her to give birth, be forced to give up the child, and then disappear. Mother now resides in Alaska, cut off from the rest of the population and only communicating with Jons, a business owner. The mother leaves to meet Zoe, her child who has been reared by her adoptive family, as soon as she hears about the disturbance. In reaction to the 12-year-old’s attempted abduction by Adrian’s warriors, Mother leaps into action, starting a fight for survival and defence as she reunites with Zoe and Cruise and is compelled to face her past in order to protect her future. For more similar movies, just come to Flixer website.

Genre: 2023ActionThriller

Duration: 115 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5