The Iron Claw 2023

In the past, Fritz Von Erich was a dedicated professional wrestler. Eventually, his life turned around, and he started his own wrestling company with the intention of producing champion offspring. Because he could clearly see the route to success, Kevin gave the sport his all and went on to become a boxer challenging for the championship. Kerry, David, and Mike joined their father Fritz at the family business, where he tightly controlled decisions and mother Doris took care of domestic duties. Kevin watches throughout the years as David, the first person to rise to prominence in professional wrestling before passing away from an internal injury, takes Fritz’s place in his eyes. Further deaths occur in the Von Erich family, leaving Kevin to struggle with his guilt and confusion while clinging to Fritz’s fantasy. Watch here only on MyFlixer, free Tv shows and movies online.

Genre: 2023BiographyDrama


Duration: 132 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.1