The Aviary 2022

Getting away from Skylight, a California clique, Jillian and Blair have advanced toward the New Mexico desert, keeping in mind the desire to walk to Gallup and discover some type of security. The pair is spooky by their experience, making a solid attempt to overlook the impact of Skylight pioneer, Seth who administered life in his compound, known as The Aviary. Seth figured out how to invade both of their brains, keeping them shaky as they explore rebuffing desert conditions, utilizing a guide and the sun to assist with directing their direction to their objective. Jillian attempts to stay focused, yet Seth stays in her fantasies, arriving at profound writing computer programs she’s attempting to disregard. Blair is distrustful and not ready for movement, with Jillian attempting to keep the scared lady consistent as they manage actual risks and mental torture, wanting to put their disturbed past behind them as they dream of freedom. Stream latest myflixer movie in HD video quality.

Duration: 1h 36 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1