Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

George Lucas was both the director and writer when it was first published in 1999. Along with a Grammy nomination for “Best Instrumental Composition,” the film received nominations for Oscars in “Best Visual Effects” and “Best Sound.” But there was also a good deal of criticism attached to the acknowledgment. It garnered mixed reviews as the first of a three-part prequel to the original trilogy. Many criticized the story for being uninteresting, even as many others were amazed by the CGI. The majority have come to the conclusion that there isn’t really much of a plot to tell—most of it is left hanging. And lastly, there’s comedic relief Jar Jar Binks, the awkward extraterrestrial. You can get full streaming this rereleased episode only at Myflixer movie site.

Genre: 2024ActionAdventureFantasy


Duration: 136 Min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.5