Silent Night 2023

Brian is an ordinary man who strives to provide for his family, cherishing his wife, Saya, and their seven-year-old son, Taylor. Tragically, on Christmas Day, Taylor loses his life in the midst of a violent clash between rival gangs racing through their neighborhood. Confronting Playa, the leader of the GI-7 gang, Brian sustains a gunshot wound to his throat, rendering him unable to speak. After spending weeks in the hospital, Brian emerges burdened by the weight of his grief, pushing Saya away and seeking solace in alcohol to quiet his tormented mind, which is consumed by thoughts of his departed child. Detective Vassel diligently investigates the case, but the relentless crime plaguing Los Angeles hinders his progress. Realizing that no external assistance is forthcoming, Brian resolves to transform himself into a formidable force. He immerses himself in researching Playa’s criminal activities and devises a plan to storm the gang’s stronghold on Christmas Eve, intending to eliminate as many members as possible. Watch free films here only on MyFlixer to.

Genre: 2023Action



Quality: HD