Day Shift 2022

Day Shift centers on pool cleaner Bud Jablonski. But as he breaks into a house, we quickly see that guy is no pool cleaner. He enters the home and runs into an elderly resident, shooting her with his shotgun and sending her flying through the bathroom wall. It is then that it is made evident that Bud is a vampire hunter when the woman stands back up, her fangs protruding from her mouth. And he makes money by giving Troy, the proprietor of a pawn store, vampire fangs. He wants to re-join the union, earn the big cash, and stop his daughter and ex-wife from leaving because he doesn’t make much money from him. His application gets approved at the suggestion of Big John (Snoop Dogg). However, he has one requirement: he must accompany union representative Seth on his missions. Watch Myflixer Full HD Movies.

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2