The Regime Season 1

The Regime takes place in a Middle European palace. Chancellor Elena Vernham, who uses violence, telegenic charm, and surveillance to dominate her tiny nation, has a crippling dread that the house is full of deadly mold spores. Whether the mold is real or not doesn’t matter; she needs to persuade her network of oligarchs, advisors, and weird quacks of this. Undoubtedly, fear plays a role in Elena’s paranoia as well. After her “free and fair election” victory to remove her left-leaning predecessor seven years ago, she fears her kleptocratic authority is collapsing from the inside out. Her savior turns out to be Herbert Zubak, a soldier sent to royal duties following his brutal suppression of a workers’ demonstration. Enjoy new films online on myflixer website.

Genre: 2024Drama

Duration: 54 min