The Last of Us S01 E04

The much awaited mystery—the healthy progression of Joel and Ellie’s relationship—is picked up in the fourth episode of The Last of Us. There are some unanticipated and, to be honest, depressing problems with Please Hold to My Hand. Only if you disagree with me that Melanie Lynskey is the ideal choice for a part that necessitates a frightful quality. Except for the issue, which I sincerely hope is not just a “me” thing, this week’s episode gives me faith that flashiness isn’t necessarily necessary for Mazin and Druckmann to create something gratifyingly emotional. How can it not be completely enjoyable to see a strong father gradually give in to a vibrant child he has reluctantly taken on? Watch Full HD shows and movies now for free with myflix.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureDrama

Duration: 45 min