Moon Knight S01 E02

Very much like in Episode 1, Steven ends up in a sticky situation: trapped in a room with the Anubis monster at the entryway hoping to kill him. Like previously, Marc appears in a reflection, mentioning Steven to surrender control of the body with the goal that he can gather the suit and kill the evil spirit. This time, things go somewhat better in light of the fact that Steven doesn’t wind up giving over the directing wheel to Marc and gets gone after by the jackal. Surprisingly, when he hits the ground with a hero arrival, he invokes his form of the Moon Knight suit. Furthermore, it is basically an all-white tuxedo and a cover with sparkling white eyes. Despite the fact that Marc is sickened by it, Steven likes it without a doubt. When he moves up the sleeves, it looks far superior. Stream popular movies and TV shows on myFlixer.

Duration: 50 min


TMDb: 8.1