Based on a True Story Season 1

In the story, Ava Bartlett is a real crime enthusiast. Ava, who is seven months pregnant and trapped in a loveless marriage, seeks solace in blood-soaked podcasts filled of mystery and peril. So, when the time occurs and she discovers the true identity of a dangerous serial killer, she intends to launch her own podcast. Ava’s husband, Nathan, arrives on time for the show. While Nathan is not a true crime aficionado, he sees the podcast as a chance to make a lot of money, which he believes is important to support his family. He is no longer able to realise his dream of acquiring a property and impressing his rich pals as a former tennis star as forced to quit due to an accident. Nathan feels less of a man when he downgrades his life for whatever reason. On myflixer website you guys can stream anything anytime.

Genre: 2023Comedy


TMDb: 7.4