Self Reliance 2024

Tommy is stuck in life; he hasn’t really moved on from their breakup because Theresa moved on and started dating someone else. He struggles to make ends meet and lives at home with his mother Laurie. One day, Tommy receives a call from Andy Samberg in a limousine while he is traveling to work. Andy wants to participate in a game show on the dark web where he must fend off enigmatic killers for thirty days. Tommy needs to live to win a significant amount of money, which can happen if the player spends the whole day with someone else. Tommy resolves to accept the challenge because he wants to explain his newfound existence to his family and feels he has nothing left to lose. By doing this, he learns what is expected of him. Tommy and Maddy get closer toward the middle of the game as they cooperate to stay safe from attacks and ultimately become friends. Enjoy full HD streaming only with MyFlixers at home.

Genre: 2024ComedyThriller


Duration: 85 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1