See How They Run 2022

In the early 1950s, a West End performance of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” became a huge hit in London. Producers are expecting to cash in by making a movie out of the play. Director Leo and writer Mervyn, who are approaching the film in two different creative directions, disagree about how to adapt the story for the screen. During a celebration for the show’s 100th performance, Leo is killed backstage and left with a severed tongue. Inspector Stoppard, a seasoned investigator, is assigned to the case. Constable Stalker, a rookie in the field of investigation, is teamed with her and uses her abilities in note-taking and observation to impress her partner. Stoppard and Stalker try to identify the killer by visiting the theatre and speaking with suspects such as producer John and star Richard Attenborough, but they are slowed down by egotistical people and the experienced inspector’s personal problems. Enjoy high quality films with your friends only on MyFlix.

Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6