Puss in Boots The Last Wish 2022

The main character is known by many names. Knight of Tail and Sword, Don Laikailo, Puss in Boots. A handsome man, insanely brave, with a languid look of green eyes will not leave anyone indifferent. Cats have nine lives. Eight of them recklessly fearless Cat has already spent. The first was trampled by a herd of angry bulls, the second was interrupted by poison, the third went to jump from the tower, the fourth was nailed with a barbell on the cannibal’s bed. The fifth was spent for flying on a cannonball, the sixth ended after an unsuccessful poker game ending. The seventh was marked by a skirmish with a sumo wrestler and the eighth fight with a giant. There remains the last, most valuable and sweet attempt to catch up with what has not been done until this hour. Have an affair with a seductive kitty, leave behind an heir, defeat the Goldilocks and Three Bears crime family, fire a bell at a giant and knock him down? A million opportunities at the price of one life. Watch Myflixer movies now for free.

Duration: 100 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.7