Pig 2021

Rob is living in the deep Oregon woods with his truffle pig. He has an emotional connection with the creature that is extraordinarily skilled at finding valuable treasures in the dirt. He met with the worst nightmare when thugs steal his animal. Now he is not able to believe this and decides to go back to society after a long break of 15 years. Amir drives him into Portland where he has to face a lot of persons after a long time. Rob just wants to get his pig back so he visits many areas putting himself in tough situations. He also faces Amir’s issues with his father, Darius who is a cold man and also the “rare foods king” of the city. This inspires Rob to face the cuisine tycoon. Get access to myflixer movies free online on any device and in 1080p HD quality.

Genre: 2021DramaThriller

Duration: 1h 32min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0