Peter Pan Wendy 2023

Wendy’s life is changing as she prepares to enrol in boarding school. She is becoming increasingly agitated as she manages her responsibilities and matures while attempting to keep her amusing demeanour with her younger brothers, John and Michael. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell meet a group of youthful explorers as they approach their room at night to look for their shadow. Peter is the first person Captain Hook targets when he transports the siblings to Neverland because he wants to get rid of the leader of the Lost Boys. Wendy is left behind and must deal with the uproar caused by the kids, Tiger Lily’s bravery, and the dangers posed by pirates who have taken her brothers while also having to confront Peter’s horrible past and his connection to Captain Hook. Enjoy the full HD movies online on Myflixer.

Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.4