Riley, a devoted wife and mother to Carly and Chris, treats her family to a night out on the town when Carly’s birthday preparations are derailed. Chris has secretly turned down the chance to join his friend’s plans to rob drug lord Diego, but the kingpin isn’t finished with him and has sent enforcers to shoot Chris and his family to death. Riley escapes the assault but is helpless to combat the corruption that keeps gangbangers on the streets since the criminal justice system only offers her denial. Having vanished for five years, On the anniversary of the slaughter, Riley returns to the area, newly prepared and armed to make her way to Diego while eliminating anyone who gets in her way. Cop Stan, a sympathetic officer, is working the case and tries to put together Riley’s goal in the hopes of averting a further catastrophe. However, he discovers that partner Moises has advised caution when dealing with Diego’s lethal influence. Watch Latest Hollywood films without any charges only on Myflixer Ru.

Duration: 101 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4