Wish Dragon 2021

Din is a college student who lives in Shanghai. He wishes to meet his childhood friend Li Na. Lin Na uses to live in his neighborhood earlier but then her father takes her to live a lavish life some years ago. On a day, an elder person gave him a teapot and a dragon comes out of that. Long is the name of a dragon who tells Din that for every single wish dragon should serve ten masters so that to enter the world of Spirit. Din is the 10th on that list. When a trio of goons, led by a man named Pockets chases Din he makes use of his first wish to fight the goons and escape. The men were actually sent by Mr. Wang for the purpose of recovering the teapot to save his failing business. Watch myflixer movie online without charges on any device.

Duration: 1h 38min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2