Moonfall 2022

The story tells about a satellite repair mission back in 2011 in which NASA astronauts Brian and Jo are attacked by a strange swarm in space. Brian is not able to state what he’s discovered over there and thus his career is terminated. In 2021, conspiracy theorist and mega-structuralist K.C. has collected proofs that the moon is getting out of orbit. He meets Brian who has faith in his theory while Jo who’s an expert in NASA starts to know what’s going on. Jo understands that the Earth has only three weeks and then the moon will crash into the planet. In order to stop disaster Jo rejoins with Brian and both takes K.C. on a space shuttle target to the moon where they face the technological life form that exists there. Now back on Earth, Sonny’s has to bring Jo’s nanny and son into a military bunker in Colorado encountering dropping moon debris and violent citizens. To watch more similar content, come to myflixer movies.

Duration: 2h 10 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3