Turning Red 2022

Mei is a 13 year old young lady living in Toronto having a blissful existence with her dearest companions, Miriam, Priya, Abby and dominating at school. Mei is respectful to her mom, Ming who is an overprotective parent watching out for her girl, declining to let her experience anything that she hasn’t supported. Mei and her buddies are super fans of the teen pop band 4-Town with the group making a visit stop in Canada and holding such joy is the appearance of a family revile with Mei getting new feelings interestingly, setting off a full-body change into a monster red panda. At first ignorant about what’s going on, the teenager frenzies discovering that inner harmony makes the fur vanish while Ming clarifies the set of experiences behind the revile which can be turned around with a custom happening during a red moon. This stand by powers the kid to live with her weirdness for a long time, exploring school and companionship with her new confidential. Watch more similar films online on MyFlixer.

Duration: 1h 40 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1