White Noise 2022

Jack is a proud lecturer at College-on-the-Hill who oversees a “Hitler Studies” course that demonstrates his breadth of knowledge on the subject. He is also a suburbanite, married to Babette, and struggles to keep his large family, which includes his enquiring teen daughter Denise, under control. Jack enjoys the stability of routine. Murray, a friend and coworker, can inform him about the practices of pop culture icons, and the neighborhood A&P Supermarket serves as a nexus for social meetings. The family is forced to flee as a “black cloud” covers the sky due to a local chemical accident, which awakens Jack’s growing fear of death even if everything in his life seems to be going well. Jack manages his physical and mental health while also dealing with some uncomfortable truths about his wife and society as the end of the world draws near. Watch newly released Hollywood movies online on myflixer.

Duration: 136 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9