No One Gets Out Alive 2021

Ambar Cruz is a young Mexican woman who migrates to Cleveland illegally in her twenties after the death of her mother. Ambar comes to America looking for the American dream. She works at a clothing factory without any ID. She lives in a cheap Towns house Motel for two weeks and then shifts to a women’s boarding house, Schofield Heights. She meets the proprietor, Thomas “Red” Welles at the old boarding house. Red gives the keys to the 204 room and tells her that she is the second tenant of the building. Freja is the name of the other woman living in 104 which is under Ambar’s room. Red gets suspicious inquiring about Ambar’s job and hometown. He asks for one month’s upfront for the space. Ambar agrees hesitantly. Watch Free English Movies Online On My Flixer without any membership plan.

Genre: 2021DramaHorrorMystery

Duration: 1h 25min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6