My Father’s Dragon 2022

Elmer and his mother Dela were running a prosperous shop for a grateful neighbourhood not long ago. Dela had to relocate the family to Nevergreen City, a sizable metropolis, where they had to start over after the firm was forcibly shut down by the recession. Dela struggles to make a living, which prevents Elmer from continuing where they left off and returning to their earlier, happier times. Elmer meets a mythological cat, who informs him about a place called Wild Island where he can discover a dragon and sell it for a lot. Elmer is determined to reestablish the business. Arriving at this strange place, Elmer decides to release Boris, a young dragon who is being forced to elevate the sinking Wild Island with his meagre might. As Boris and Elmer flee in search of a different plan to save the island, gorilla leader Saiwa orders his capture because such freedom endangers public safety. On My Flixer, you can access a huge variety of movies and TV shows.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6