Mayday 2021

Ana is battling throughout everyday life, scarcely bringing in any cash as a banquet hall employee. She is working with Dimitri showing worry for his companion as they get ready for another shift. A wedding party is being prepared in the building with Ana being shadowed by the Head Waiter who lives for power, taking a special interest in her. When the power goes out, Head Waiter assaults Ana physically putting her on a journey to circumvent. This moves the young lady’s mind to make her exit through a kitchen oven. This winds up her in an abnormal land occupied by militarized ladies living inside an old submarine. Ana is acquainted with Marsha, Bea, and Gert. The warriors are battling a conflict against men, utilizing their position to draw the male foe out from the dark. Enjoy the full HD movie streaming at home only on MyFlixer.

Genre: 2021DramaFantasyMystery

Duration: 1h 40min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.2