Mother of the Bride 2024

The extravagant, gimmicky story of a mother and her daughter, Mother of the Bride revolves on the daughter’s wedding. It is somewhat of a forgettable one-time viewing. Certain plot points and jokes have become so stereotyped that they can no longer be justified as entertainment. Thailand’s surrounding balmy tropical islands serve as the setting for the movie. Had it been called a reunion of college mates, they would have got along just fine. A wedding is forcibly inserted into the storyline in order to highlight the contemporary social media abnormality and frenzy surrounding the weddings of an unidentified influencer. Actors are expected to convey their emotions viscerally and loudly. The term subtlety is missing from filmmaker Mike Waters’ vision board. Get best IMDb rated Myflixer movies and shows, all in one place.

Genre: 2024ComedyDramaRomance


Duration: 88 Min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.0