Morbius 2022

As a kid, Michael Morbius battles with an intriguing blood sickness that requires steady clinical management, tracking down Dr. Nicholas turning into a mentor as they manage care. Joining Morbius in the medical clinic is Milo, who experiences a similar infection, with the young men turning out to be quick companions. As a grown-up, Dr. Morbius is attempting to track down a remedy for himself, exploring different avenues regarding the DNA of vampire bats, at last making a serum that really figures out how to change him into a strong animal, cooperating with Dr. Bancroft to find out about his vampiric capacities. Managing echolocation, flight, and a problematic hunger for human blood, Morbius battles to contain his underhanded, working with an engineered blood he created. Reluctant to pay attention to his companion’s supplications, Milo takes the serum, delighting in his newly discovered power, glad to make mayhem in New York City, motivating Morbius to figure out how to overcome this danger to mankind. Enjoy full HD new movies now with Myflixers for free.

Duration: 1h 44 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2