Live Game 2020

Stream 2020 movie Live Game in ultra hd quality. Zhong Ge (Li Xinze) is the agent of Shenyin County Branch of Xinlian Group. He is receiving a new boss, Zetian (Xu Hao). After the welcoming Yunchuan Hot Spring Welcome Party, Zhong Ge’s sister Han Zhener (He Lan (Funny) After being abducted, he was put into a secret room and started a life-threatening live game. Zetian voluntarily helped Zhong Ge start his search. As the investigation progressed, countless clues pointed in series to the unsolved human life case that occurred in Yunchuan Hot Spring a few years ago! A confusing old case, a time-saving rescue, Zhong Ge only found the murderer of the old case to find his sister. The police forces also quietly intervened, multi-party forces were entangled, and Zhong Ge fell into a dilemma. The appearance of a mysterious package has gradually focused the doubts on the new boss, Sawada! The two sides fought against each other, and Zhong Ge accidentally killed Zetian. However, everything is not over yet, Han Zhener is still trapped in the live game, and the secret room is on the verge of drowning … What secrets have been hidden by the murderer of the old hot spring case, and whether Zhong Ge can successfully find Han Zhener. Download popular myflixer 2020 movies without wasting any time.

Duration: 71 min

Quality: HD