Life After Fighting 2024

With very little in its arsenal, Life After Fighting is an incredibly intense and thrilling action game. It is focused on retired martial arts champion Alex Faulkner. He opened his own Taekwondo studio to withdraw into anything resembling a regular existence after quitting at the height of his career. Victor, Samantha’s ex-husband, instantly takes a dislike to him once he falls in love with her. The most intriguing aspect of Life After Fighting’s first half is how well it does at developing its cast of characters while maintaining a sense of melodrama. The screenplay keeps up the tension with a few fistfights as threatening men enter Alex’s place of business. Stream this movie in full length on Myflixer Movies without any membership.

Genre: 2024ActionDramaMoviesThriller


Duration: 2h 6m

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2