Lady Ballers 2023

Coach Rob Gibson, a former champion in high school athletics, takes center stage in Lady Ballers. Over the past fifteen years, Gibson’s life has taken a downward spiral. His marriage to Dharby ended in a divorce, and he lost his job coaching troubled youths at the local juvenile facility. To make matters worse, the CD shop where he once worked has been transformed into Dollies, a drag restaurant. Even his star athlete, Alex Cruise, now works as a blonde-wigged waitress at this upscale establishment. However, when Gibson discovers a $5,000 prize for the neighborhood decathlon, he seizes the opportunity and convinces Alex to compete as a transgender woman. Astonishingly, Alex dominates every event, breaking previous records in both shot put and javelin. Their brief moment of triumph catches the attention of journalist Gwen Wilde, who proposes a daring plan: register as transwomen for the upcoming Global Sports championship. In return, Wilde demands complete control over all media coverage of Gibson’s transgender sports team. Watch My Flixer new movies free online.

Genre: 2023Comedy


Duration: 112 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3