Kingdom 2019

Watch Kingdom 2019 free myflixer complete movie online in HD Print. 245 BC, a country in the western part of China. The boys who lost their parents in the war, Shin (Yamazaki Kento) and Uki (Ryo Yoshizawa), had a dream of becoming a general, and were devoted to special training in swordsmanship. Eventually, the drift was summoned to the Royal Palace, but it was fatally wounded in a battle by a coup set up by the king’s younger brother, Naru Kyo (Hongou Kanata). The faith that went to the hut that relied on the map passed from the drift that was just before breathing, faced the two kings, Ai (Ryo Yoshizawa), who drifted away from the throne. Shin, who knew that the drift was killed as a substitute for him, would then fight with Ai to recapture the throne. You can download 2019 movies myflixer in High definition quality.

Genre: 2019ActionHistory

Duration: 134 min

IMDb: 7.1