Kinds of Kindness 2024

Kinds of Kindness combines the sophisticated visuals of Lanthimos’s most recent works with the abstract style of his early pieces. The film delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships tarnished by poisoning and deception, expertly fusing dark humour with thought-provoking subjects. Three interrelated storylines make up the plot. The first is on Robert, a businessman who is at the whim of his strict boss Raymond. In “R.M.F. is Flying,” the second story, the focus is on policeman Robert’s happiness when his wife Liz returns from an enigmatic trip. Last but not least, “R.M.F. Eats a Sandwich” tracks cultist Emily and her companion as they look for a person. Stream this latest movie in HD on Myflixer at zero charges.

Genre: 2024ComedyDramaMovies


Duration: 2h 44m

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0