Jacob’s ladder

Jacob, who served in Afghanistan while in the military, has made an effort to move on with his life. He is currently married to Samantha, with whom he is raising a little boy. Jacob is sympathetic to the difficulties veterans face and works to assist those who are dealing with PTSD. He also manages his own problems, discussing his life with a therapist and continuing to work on the personal horrors that still haunt him and cause troubling episodes that keep him off-balance. When he meets zombie-veteran Paul, Jacob finds out that his brother Isaac, who was presumed slain on the battlefield years earlier, is actually alive and living in the subway tunnels, addicted to a narcotic called HDA, also known as The Ladder. After bringing Isaac back home to heal, Jacob starts to encounter ghosts and have visions of the devil, and his past mistakes and anxieties start to haunt him. Watch new Flixer movies at home.

Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 3.5