Inside 2023

Nemo is an art thief who is working with his crew to rob the owner of a sizable New York City penthouse of important pieces of art. They are after a man who possesses a big collection of extraordinary and precious items. While his associates on the outside are in charge of handling any technological concerns, Nemo is the insider. The job becomes hectic when Nemo can’t find a specific component, and the other men throw him inside a locked room with a faulty thermostat. After failing to break down the front door or smash the windows, Nemo settles in for a long wait in the hope that his partners will arrive to rescue him. Because the owner will be away from town for a while, most of the utilities have been turned off, leaving Nemo with little access to food and drink and alone in the centre of a lavish apartment with nothing but his own thoughts for company. Enjoy more similar movies now at home with Myflixers in full HD.

Genre: 2023DramaThriller

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4