Hellraiser 2022

Riley is a young person who is fighting to stay sober and relies on her partner Trevor, whom she met in recovery, to do so. Riley’s brother Matt, who worries about his sister’s health and expresses his sorrow to his partner Colin, is not pleased with the union. Riley consents to join Matt’s plot to sneak into a billionaire’s warehouse and steal a precious item as a result of financial difficulties. Riley successfully solves the mysterious puzzle box that comes with this gift without getting cut by the blades hidden inside. Instead, Matt is wounded while attempting to protect his sibling, and his blood triggers a response from the Cenobites, especially The Priest, drawing the man into Hell. In a state of panic, Riley calls for her brother to come home and soon sets off for the home of art collector Voight to investigate the nature of the evil she is facing. Browse Full Hd movies securely online on MyFlixer Safe.

Duration: 121 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2