Don’t Look Up 2021

At Michigan State University, grad school astronomer Kate Dibiasky finds an enormous comet advancing to Earth, annihilating the planet in seven months. She imparts her discoveries to Dr. Randall Mindy with the pair tracking down a partner in Dr Clayton, an administration space assurance official. Taking the disclosure of the Dibiasky Comet to President Orlean, the threesome anticipates immediate action to be taken to stop an E.L.E. from happening. However the pioneer and her staff generally blow off the seriousness of the data, concentrating on midterm elections instead. Acknowledging they need to take their objective to individuals, Kate and Randall approach the media machine, looking for exposure that will stun world pioneers right into it. Watch free Myflixer movies at your home.

Genre: 2021ComedyDramaSci-Fi

Duration: 2h 18min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.3