Deep Water 2022

Vic has been hitched to Melinda for quite a long time, yet the flash has left their association with the pair having separate existences while residing in a similar house with their girl, Trixie. Vic is semi-resigned, concentrating on his side interests and parenthood, watching out for Melinda, who participates in sexual associations with different men, frequently parading such fascination before their companions. As of late, one of Melinda’s darlings disappeared and presently she’s continued on to another, driving Vic to manage what is going on all alone, poking a raunchy fun at the vanishing at a party. The wound at humor doesn’t agree with writer Don who detects something not quite right about Vic, while Melinda proceeds with her, still up in the air to break her spouse’s chilliness with progressively bold way of behaving. Enjoy the latest myflixer movie with zero ads.

Duration: 1h 55 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.5