Happiness for Beginners 2023

Helen has been divorced for over a year and yet can’t get rid of her abusive ex-husband. She’s burdened by painful memories and disappointments, so she resolves to cleanse her mind by hiking the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut with guide Beckett and a bunch of strangers on a physical experience meant to shake her up. Helen re-connects with Jake, a close friend of her younger brother and a man she previously rejected, when she joins the group. This time, the two are attempting to mend their relationship as they go on an expedition for which Helen is unprepared. Helen begins to reflect on her own mistakes and tragedies as the voyage unfolds, gaining confidence and learning to deal with new obstacles as the participants get to know one another. She’s also behaving differently with Jake as the two work through their problems, addressing preconceived beliefs and memories and eventually warming up to each other in unexpected ways. Connect with myFlixer for all new Hollywood hits.

Genre: 2023ComedyDramaRomance


Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1